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The Kings Creams - Raspberry
a brand new flavour, with a profile similar to a raspberry ripple. Trust us when we say, this is an outstanding flavour!
The Kings Creams - Lemon
a superbly smooth mellow lemon, creamed to the max! This is our personal favourite!
The Kings Creams - Rainbow 
a multicolour flavour experience, mixing sweet nectar with multimix fruits!
The Kings Creams - Loganberry
a hybrid of blackberry and raspberry - when mixed with the Kings Cream, a match made in heaven occurs!
The Kings Creams - Off The Rails
The Kings Creams is the finest Creamy/Custard range of the year! - Off The Rails is a sublime mix of Banana, Cinnamon & Cheesecake! This complex cacophony of flavours is a sure fire hit!
The Kings Custard - Cinnamon 
 An utterly moreish and delectable Cinnamon Custard
The Kings Custard - Banana Custard 
An utterly moreish and delectable Banana Custard
The Kings Custard OG
Meet the new King of Custards! This one is not to be missed. An utterly moreish and delectable Vanilla Custard,