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  • Puffs: 3500 Puffs Aprox..
  • E-Liquid: 2ml E-Liquid
  • Battery: 1500mah Capacity
  • Gives you smooth vaping experience
  • Charismatic Appearance
  • Timeless and Tactile Designs
  • Pre-Filled
  • Nicotine Free Vape
  • Every Puffs can give you a full taste
  • Colorfull and Sweet
  • Draw activated
  • Ideal VG/PG ratio

Are you in search of an incredible vaping experience that combines impressive capacity, a wide variety of flavours, and affordability?

Look No Further - The Elux Legend 3500 Puffs disposable vape device not only delivers these characteristics but is also visually captivating while being super affordable on any budget.

Impressive Puff Count

The Elux Legend is designed to provide a silky-smooth vaping experience. This device is packed with mesh coil technology that offers a smooth and satisfying draw. Both beginners and experienced vapers will appreciate the effortless and rich vaping experience that it offers.

Charismatic Appearance

Apart from the taste, the visual appeal is prominent in a social setting. The Elux Legend has taken this seriously and its design fits snugly in your hand and also delivers an aesthetic visual that is very hard to ignore.

Every Puff, Full Taste

One of the most prominent points of this product is that it provides a consistent flavour from the first till the last puff, thus ensuring consistency. No compromise on taste has been made. Each inhales is packed with the essence of your chosen flavor, ensuring that you savor every moment of your vaping journey.

Colourful and Sweet

With its wide range of colourful and sweet flavours, the Elix legend makes each puff a deep rich and savoury experience. It’s not only vaping but a joyous celebration of flavours and colours.

User-Friendly Draw Activation

The user-friendly draw activation brings joy to the hearts of vaping beginners. There are no buttons to worry about. Simply inhale and the device will be activated. This feature is especially welcoming for those new to vaping, making the transition from traditional smoking easier.

Ideal VG/PG Ratio

The Elux Legend maintains an ideal VG/PG ratio thus giving a thick foggy vaping experience. This is especially important to those who are picky about their vaping experience and it also caters to the tastes of a wide range of individuals.

In conclusion, the Elux Legend 3500 Puffs offers an enticing vaping experience that combines capacity, flavour, and style. It has a remarkable puff count, ample e-liquid capacity, powerful battery, and smooth vaping which makes it a top choice for vapers seeking convenience and satisfaction.