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Serendipity by Wick Liquor 100ml Shortfill E-Liquid. “If you find good things without looking for them, Serendipity – unexpected good luck – has brought them to you.”

Ever tasted something that transports your mind right back to a certain special place in time? Take a moment for yourself to sample our memory evoking flavours. Be prepared to take a trip down Nostalgia Lane, reminisce and rejoice as you rekindle treasured memories. Fall in love with something refreshingly new, yet still a comforting familiar.

Brought to you via Serendipity by Wick Liquor

Dream, Taste, Believe

Vanilla Sky
 - "Hip, hip, brûlée! - We all dream of a rich, creamy, sumptuous vanilla custard. Warm and comforting this masterclass blend brings you indulgent bourbon vanilla custard, delectably sweetened with maple and marshmallow. Dive right in and taste the dream!

Irie Vibes - All problems can be solved with ice cream. Who likes to indulge? We all do and even more so if that ice cream is creamy hand churned Rum and Raisin, chilled to perfection. Make everything Irie as this flavour is destined to be the scoop of the day!

Sweet Nirvana Easy. peasy, lemon squeezy. And what if those lemons were the sweetest nectar you had ever tasted? This magical mix brings you the freshest lemons, pressed and triple filtered through frozen sherbet granules. When life gives you lemons make them heavenly.

Golden Sunset - If you give the apple to me at its worthiest, I will make apple pie. The most comforting of all desserts, sweet, fresh, warm and delicious. Tastebuds at the ready, cut yourself a slice and prepare to be swathed in sweet fresh apples, butter rich pastry topped with golden muscovado caramel. Go on, have another slice, there's plenty to go around!

70% VG