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The pods come with a choice of 1.2 Ω or 0.8 Ω coils. We recommend choosing the 0.8 Ω pod if you prefer thicker vapour and an airier vape, or the 1.2 Ω coil for a more constricted vape similar to smoking.


What e-liquids should I use with the Xros pods?

These pods are ideal for use with e-liquids with a VG:PG ratio in the region of 50:50. The 1.8 Ω pod will also work well with nicotine salts.

How long do Xros pods last?

The key element to how long a pod lasts is the coil in the pod. This depends on a number of factors such as how frequently you inhale and how long you inhale. You may also find the 1.2 Ω coil lasts longer than the 0.8 Ω coil.

However, you can maximise the life of the coil by allowing the e-liquid to soak in before using it for the first time, by using e-liquid with the correct VG:PG ratio and by keeping the pod topped up. With care, these pods should last anything from a few days to several weeks.

Can you wash an Xros pod?

Yes. Remove the pod from the device, and empty out any e-liquid. Wash the pod out with warm (not boiling) water. Ensure that the pod is fully dry before using again.

You can also clean the connections out with cotton to remove dust.



  • E-liquid capacity: 2 ml
  • Coil resistance: 1.2 Ω 0r 0.8 Ω
  • Coil design: Mesh
  • Material: PCTG