VPR/DSV 100ml Short Fill citrus jelly burst

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Tropical Thunder 
Inspired by the exotic flavours of Rio De Janeiro.
Tropical Thunder blends only the most luscious fruits of the tropics. Lindo Maravilhoso!
Soft Mints 
Take this cool, crisp and chewy mint flavor with you wherever you go.
Savour the soft, mouthwatering mint flavor, combined with a sweet candy finish. This flavour contains Koolada to give it an icy kick!
Mellon Madness 
Sweet, ripe and perfectly balanced watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew.
This smooth melon flavour is unlike any other you've had before!
Blackcurrant Lemonade
Enjoy the refreshing summer taste of freshly squeezed lemonade and mouthwatering blackcurrants.
The perfect bitter-sweet remedy for a hard day.
Citrus Jelly Burst
Enjoy the enticing taste of freshly squeezed citrus fruits.
Sweet, tangy and distinctive, this citrus delight is a game changer.
Berry Bomb
This profoundly refreshing assortment of berries is the real deal.
Sweet, Satisfying and irresistible. You won't be able to put this one down.
Cucumber Twist
Enjoy refreshing cucumber and citrus fruits at their best. Crisp and cooling cucumber blended with a zesty lime and lemon twist. Perfect! 
Gummy Bear Blood
The distinctive sweet and bitter taste of blood orange with gummy candy overtones. This delectable delight will not disappoint.
Pink Berry Peach
Freshly picked, tantalizingly sweet strawberries blended with soft and juicy Georgia peaches. Pink Berry Peach is bursting with flavour!
Blueberry Blitz
Only the boldest of blueberries make up this sweet, ripe and downright delicious recipe. Blueberry Blitz is the ultimate blueberry experience.
Kyoho Grape
Freshly picked sweet grapes from the VPR vineyards. This authentic black grape flavour cannot be beaten.
Double Apple Candy
Sweet Apple Candy, intensified with an alluringly sour note. Double Apple Candy is the king of the DSV tuck shop.
Watermelon & Wild Mint
This refreshing and unique blend of super juicy watermelon and fresh wild mint is the perfect sweet sensation for a sultry summers day.
Dragonfruit & Berries
A unique blend of exotic dragon fruit and juicy mixed berries. This delicious, vibrant flavour is not to be missed! 
Banana & Blackberry
Only the ripest bananas, straight from the DSV plantation blended with succulent, soft and juicy blackberries to create a first rate vaping experience