Prime E-liquid 100ml

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 A sweet and aromatic aniseed hit.

Lemon & Lime

A Sweet, refreshing mix of lemon and lime. Some say it is a bit like 7Up, some say it reminds them of “Mountain Dew”, some say just like freshly opened Sprite ….


Fresh kiwi fruits fused with appetising and flavoursome berries, with a subtle touch of aniseed and menthol, providing a fresh mouthfeel.

White grape & peach

Bright white grapes mingle with sweet fresh peach for a luscious vape that lingers long on the exhale.

Purple slush

Juicy purple grapes with an ice cold hit.

Icy Mixed berry

A cool blend of delicious wild berries, bursting with flavour.

Cherry ice

 A blend of sweet cherries with menthol.


A fruity cocktail of several types of berries, grapes, blue raspberries, aniseed with just a touch of low-mint and eucalyptus.

Rhubarb & watermelon

Sweet watermelon and Rhubarb

Apple, elderflower & mint

Mouth-watering Apple infused with fresh Mint, subtly enhanced with notes of Elder flower for a refreshing all day vape.

Blue raspberry

 An all day vape featuring distinctive elements of tarte raspberries and luscious blueberries.


 A concoction of red berries, wild blue berries, aniseed and eucalyptus, with a touch of citrus to bring great flavour to your palate.


The perfect blend of delicious berries, rich strawberries and fresh raspberries with a cooling menthol sensation.

Ice menthol

An ice cool, refreshing, minty flavour finished with light spearmint notes.

Pink Lemonade

An exquisite blend of lemonade, sweet raspberry and subtle cranberry.

Apple & mango

Juicy sweet apples blended with perfectly ripe mango.

blue slush

Succulent sweet blueberries with a refreshing cool kick of ice.