Morning Coffee 50ml

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Maple Syrup

Featuring a sultry smooth Maple Syrup mixer, this morning brew is made from the finest columbian coffee beans, blended with rich double cream and served slightly sweet.


Beautifully dark butterscotch, enriched by rich dark coffee! Trust us when we say, this is the best coffee you'll taste in a long time!


Imagine a dark roast Americano, with a comforting nutty syrup blended in for good measure. This mix is a match made in heaven, and perfect for any coffee connoisseur.


Grab yourself a lovely hot Latte, and stir in comforting caramel syrup. A classic match made in heaven!


This is anything but a standard Cappucino. Blended with the finest Morrocan coffee beans, served with just the right level of sweetness. Rise and shine!