Lickwid - 100ml Short Fill

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We've unleashed the most ruthless and ridiculously ripe mango flavour on the vaping world! Deliciously sweet and fruity MANGO MADNESS! You won't be able to put this one down easily.  

Blue Raspberry

Experience the taste of the finest blue raspberries from across the globe, carefully collected and crushed to release the fruity juices. This beautifully bright candy will not disappoint

Bubblemint Candy

Take your senses to cloud 9 with this beautiful bubblegum candy complimented with soft spearmint, expertly blended, sweet, unique, refreshing and moreish. Enjoy!

7 Berry Blast 

An incredibly unique blend of 7 berries, each carefully selected with years of experience. Juicy and sweet, fruity and bold, rich, rounded, sharp and smooth, wonderfully complex. The ultimate berry flavour.

Strawberry Rice Pudding

We've stirred the finest fruit-packed strawberry jam into the most deliciously creamy rice pudding.
A staple of English home puddings, replicated for an authentic vaping experience. 

Green Dragon Brew

Brewed in the frosty mountain tops of the far east, and said to be one of the 7 wonders of the vaping world. This fresh favourite contains ripe dragonfruit and the finest green tea along with an assortment of exotic fruits.