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A new addition to the extensive Vapestreams range is KonceptXIX, from Vampire Vape.
This new brand entry comprises a total of 12 flavours interspersed through four separate collections. XIX? This is the Roman numeral for 19 (in case you were wondering!)
The flavour range includes Heisenberg, Pinkman, BloodSukka, Pie Eyed, Phat Drizzle, Poley Rolly, Allday Grape, Kool Kick, TikaTaka, Sticky Spot, Golden Thrill and Get Cubed.

This fantastic brand features a concentration ratio of 80% VG ( Vegetable Glycerine ) and 20% Mixed PG ( Propylene Glycol ) and high-quality food flavourings. A perfect blend for sub-ohm

All Day Grape 

A flavour-packed purple grape picked, pressed and squeezed to extract every single drop of sweet purple goodness cooled by Vampire Vape’s cooling blast for a really desirable all-day vape

Blood sukka

This vape has teeth – so watch out for the bite! Crammed with sweet red cherries blended expertly with freshly-picked fruit and berries from an enchanted forest. The fruity taste is then subtly enhanced with sweet eucalyptus and aniseed.

Get cubed

A massive hit of fizzy Cola brightens your taste buds. Can you face the taste test and see how well we have reproduced this Cola in a vape?

Golden thrill

An exotic and unique mango taste. Ripe juicy Mango hits new flavour heights in this crazy-sweet fruity mix!


A top-secret recipe direct from our lab that can only be justifiably described as the king of the all-day vape! With fruity undertones and a cool crystal after sensation that will leave you wondering what it is… and wanting more.

Kool kick 

Picture a lemon in sunglasses; – a lemon couldn’t get much cooler could it? With Kool Kick eliquid you can. Careful though, this will knock you off your feet!

Phat drizzle 

Sweet tooth? We have just the product for you. A warm creamy vanilla sponge cake, drizzled with deliciously sweet caramel for a sweet-based vaping treat.


A flaky pie crust hot from the oven enhanced with a sweet lemon tang. Just like Nana used to make for a great nostalgic vape.


This is a one of a kind taste sensation, delivering a true mouth-watering fruit explosion to thrill your taste buds.

Poley rolly

Remember that warm, sticky Jam Suet roll that we all loved! Coat it with smooth yellow custard and you have the classic of classics British pudding in a vape.

Sticky spot

Sweet luscious strawberries in a sticky toffee blend intertwined to create a flavour that is indescribably good.

Tika taka 

Luscious and juicy sun-kissed oranges freshly squeezed into a tasty fizzy juice with an icy blast to almost take your breath away.