Fantasi Ice 100ml Mango ice

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- Made in the UK
- 100ml Shortfill
- 0mg
- 70VG/30PG
lemonade Ice:
Tarty, supercool, fresh and zesty lemonade experience
Grape Ice:
supercooled, supercharged, ripe and delicious Fantasi Grape Ice e liquid
Cola Ice:
unique, unmistakable, super secret recipe that you already love.
Mango Ice:
Fresh, exotic, and super chilled ripe mangos
Blackberry Ice:
upremely cooling and mouth-wateringly fruity
Strawberry Ice:
Iced strawberry soda pop vape for the ultimate in fruity refreshment.
Apple Ice:
like a can of ice cold pop right out of the fridge
Lime Mojito:
Combined the tang of fresh lime juice, bruised mint leaves, rum and fizzy soda water to create Lime Mojito Ice, then balanced out the flavour with a touch of sweetness.
The Fantasi Orange is so refreshing that drinking out of a cool pop can won’t even match up to our standards any more!