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Datt White Stuff is a 10g pack of premium cotton wicks, designed for use in your RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser). Housed in a resealable pack to make sure it stays clean, Datt White Stuff cotton is pre-cut into 10 strips, so you can easily trim and taper into wicks of your ideal size.


  • Pre-Cut Cotton Wicks 8.5cm in length (3.35 inch)
  • Compatible With Most Rebuildable Coils
  • Super-Absorbent
  • Unbleached & 100% Organic
  • Made In The USA

Proud of its reputation for considerably reducing dry hits even when vaping at high wattages, this premium cotton is 100% organic, pesticide free and unbleached for a clean flavour while vaping. Datt White Stuff cotton will fit a variety of rebuildable coils, including pre-made coils and is designed to be highly absorbent for faster wicking.

Manufactured in the USA, this popular brand of cotton wick has achieved an international reputation as a go-to for vapers all over.


  • 10 x Datt White Stuff Pre-Cut Cotton Wicks
  • Resealable Bag