Drip Down by IVG 50ml

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Blue Tonic eliquid features a flavour that’s made up of fruity notes with a cool finish. From your first vape, the bold taste of blue raspberry is present, with sweet and sour notes that are softened by an icy exhale.

Lemon Tonic eliquid is a simple yet sharp fruit flavour. The citrus notes come through straight away, creating a zingy inhale, complemented by sweet and fresh tasting notes to finish, creating an authentic lemon flavour.

Red Power eliquid is a sweet and juicy tasting fruit blend. A combination of raspberries and strawberries on inhale are complemented by notes of red berries for a sharp finish. These fruit flavours meld, creating a balanced vape.

Peach Lemonade eliquid is a complex fruit blend combined with a fizzy soda. A light and smooth peach flavour is quickly followed by notes of lemon and lime, their sweet and tart notes are balanced by the soda on exhale.

Pink Bubbles eliquid is a fruit-based candy blend. The strong and distinctive taste of classic bubblegum is present from your first vape, with the delicate notes of tropical fruits on exhale. The flavours fuse for a light all day vape.

Kiwi Apple Tonic eliquid fuses tropical and garden fruits for a sweet flavour. The sharp and distinct notes of green apple are complemented by the light taste of kiwi, while a sparkling finish creates a cocktail vape.

Cola Lollipop eliquid is a sweet and fizzy candy blend. On inhale, the sweet lollipop flavour comes through straight away, complemented by a sweet and tangy cola to finish, creating a balanced vape.

Blueberry Magic eliquid is made up of candy and fruit notes for a sweet vape. The juicy tasting bubblegum is complemented by a distinctive blueberry, with sweet and sharp notes throughout this is a balanced vape.

Blue Lemonade eliquid is made up of a ripe-tasting fruit flavour countered by a cool finish. The taste of blue raspberry hits straight away, with a balance of sweet and sour notes, that are complemented by an icy lemonade on exhale.

70% VG

50ml Shortfill requires 1 x 18mg 10ml to be added to create a 60ml 3mg juice