Big Tasty 100ml

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Big Tasty Aquamelon Pome 

a huge serving of explosive fruit flavours. Juicy pomegranate meets refreshing and sweet watermelon, for a tasty fruit cocktail. Tart and sweet flavours colide in this exotic fruit fusion. 

Big Tasty Dragon fruit Twist

a sweet exotic dragon fruit, layered with juicy raspberries and a hint of blackcurrant. A sweet and creamy inhale of Dragon fruit is met by fresh raspberries, balanced off by hints of tart blackcurrant.

Big Tasty Guava Limonada

a sharp lemonade base infused with sweet tropical guava. A creamy smooth guava hit on the inhale is met by sharp Italian lemons on the exhale.

Big Tasty La Rosa Tropicana

a fragrant and sweet blend of raspberry, blackcurrants and a pink tropical mix. A sweet and fruity tropical inhale is met by rich blackcurrant and floral raspberries.

Big Tasty Midnight Berry Colada

a creamy coconut milk with sweet strawberry and juicy blackberries. A burst of juicy berries on the inhale is balanced by a smooth coconut exhale. 

Big Tasty Citra Berry Cosmo  

is a icy citrus cosmopolitan infused with berries. Combining rich blackcurrant with sharp and zesty notes of lemon and lime, served over crushed ice.

Big Tasty Kiwi Lemonade

serves up a pitcher of freshly squeezed lemonade with a touch of kiwi. Delicate notes of kiwi on the inhale is met by a sweet and sour lemonade blend. 

Big Tasty Lime Cola Libre

serves up an ice cold cola flavour with a squeeze of fresh lime. A sweet spicy cola inhale lifted with zesty limes, followed by a wave of ice.

Big Tasty Raspberry Mojito 

serves up a classic cocktail blend with a berry twist. An inhale of juicy tart raspberry combined with sharp lime, followed by a sweet mint and crushed ice finale.

Big Tasty Strawberry Daiquiri

a thirst quenching blend of fresh strawberry, lemon, lime and ice. A well balanced blend between sweet and sharp notes, with a cool finish.