'Beautiful Builds' Pre-Made Coils Tri-Core Alien (Pair) 3 types

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Looking for something out of this world? Our Tri-core Alien coil is on another planet! 
Offering fantastic flavor, great performance and a very distinctive look, this is a coil that can take your experience to the next level.

A Full Nichrome80 Alien coil (pair) available in the following specifications:

Tri core 26/36 N80 - 5wrap 3mm ID 0.1ohms Dual (0.2 single) 
Tri core 27/36N80. 5 wrap 2.5mm ID 0.11 Dual (0.22 single) 
Tri core 28/36 N80 - 5wrap 2.5mm ID 0.14ohms Dual (0.28-0.3 single)

**a deep understanding of battery safety and ohms law is required. Beautiful Builds accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury caused*