Bar Salts 10ml Nic Salt E-liquids

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Bar Salts are a new range of nicotine salt e-liquids to hit the market, the entire bar salt range is based on the popular geek bar and elf bar 600 disposable vapes flavours.

In a market flooded with disposable vapes, bar salts released everyones favourite flavours in 10ml e-liquid options. The bar salts range of e-liquids are perfect for anyone that previously used disposable vapes, you can pick out a cheap pod style pen kit and fill them up with bar salts, not only are you saving a massive amount of money compared to buying disposables, you're cutting down on the amount of single use plastics and lithium batteries being sent to landfill.

Vaping bar salts is a win all round and at Prime Vapes. we are heavily pushing our customers to switch from disposables to this range and a pod kit, the Xros 3 Mini is an excellent starting point.